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Prospect of PVC pipe fittings

Source:SAM-UK    Date:2012-06-21 14:01    Visits:254
China plastic pipe production capacity of 3 million tons, mainly PVC, PE and PP-R pipe three classes, PVC pipe is the largest market share of plastic pipe, accounting for nearly 70 percent share of the plastic pipe. PVC pipe production line more than 1,600. More than 2.5 million tons annual production capacity of PVC pipe (pipe) in 2003, annual production of more than 120 million tons. Plastic pipe, PVC's share of 70%, PE accounted for 25% of PP-R accounted for 4%, other 1%.
Although PVC pipe fittings of rapid development attracted many enterprises to enter the investment in this industry, but many manufacturers in the domestic production of more than (2000) public, the annual production capacity 10,000 tons, only 70 more than the annual output of more than 30,000 tons for more than 20 and 60% of the industry production.
Overall, the pipeline enterprises of small caliber, low value-added, large diameter, high-tech enterprises.
Capacity of the domestic part of the manufacturer are: plastics China and Asia: 10 million tons the Hebei Baoshuo: 80,000 tons, Guofeng Group: 80,000 tons, the Sinoma pipe: 65,000 tons, Zhejiang Wingo: 45,000 tons, Fujian Asia through: 40,000 tons, Hubei Kaile: 40,000 tons, Guangdong care to: 30,000 tons, Shenyang Giuly: 30,000 tons. 1998-2003 PVC pipe fittings production.
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