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PPR pipes installation process

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Currently, the market, many new types of plastic pipe, universal application: PPR pipes, PB pipe, PE-X pipe, aluminum plastic composite pipe, and ABS plastic pipe, PPR pipes much the owners pet because of its reliabilityLai, engineering applications more. The following is a brief PPR pipe to pipe in the heating works on the construction application.
1, PPR pipes material selection
For the return water temperature and pressure of work and investment costs of the construction unit, durable life and other conditions of use should be based on engineering heat source, the choice of the corresponding nominal pressure hot water pipes, pipe fittings.
2, The PPR pipe fittings materials entering the test
Approach material should be carried out random checks on the inner and outer walls of the pipes and fittings shall be smooth, no bubbles, cracks, cracks, peeling and obvious scar patterns, depression, and basically the same color. Line standard, specification, model, batch, nominal pressure, etc. should be clearly marked on the pipe surface. The pipe ends should be perpendicular to the axis of the pipe.

The tube should be complete, no defect, no deformation, no cracking, parting line, the gate should be flat. The pipe wall thickness shall not be less than the corresponding pipe wall thickness.

Material test report, certificate, approval, certificate of complete and valid, batch and pipe on the label consistent.
3, material storage
The pipes and fittings should not be a prolonged period of sun exposure, should be stored in well-ventilated, temperature does not exceed 45 ℃ warehouse and Jianyi Peng from the heat source is not less than 1m, storage tube stacking height should not exceed 1.5m, in order to avoid the tube bending in the storage, stacking frame should be flat.
4, PPR pipeline construction process
PPR pipeline construction process is as follows:
Installation Preparation household Legislative branch radiator pipe installation → install system pressure test rinse meter installation insulation Li Legislative dry pipe pressure test buried PP-R pipe installed dry pipe installation household Pressure Test packing Insulation

The following highlights the PP-R underground pipe installation process:
PPR pipes arranged around along the ground control center from the wall distance and the two center distance should meet the design requirements, laying on the ground after pouring layer, tube card shall be spaced not more than 60mm, and nail fixed in the floor. The interface uses a hot melt connection. Installation, floor scrubbing clean the ground higher ground to tick chisel, keeping the floor flat, consistent elevation. Clearly marked for the location of the return pipe and the ground location of the rejection of the mouth, in order to avoid the supply and return pipes reversed and the rejection of the mouth inaccurate.
Pipeline installation hydrostatic test, the test pressure after completion of the inspection and approval according to design requirements, when the design does not indicate, should be specifications. The test pressure regulator 1h, the pressure drop should not exceed 0.05Mpa, then the buck to the working pressure of 1.15 times, regulator 2h, the pressure drop should not exceed 0.03MPa, at the same time each junction leakage.

After pouring a layer construction, the tube to maintain 0.5MPa pressure, gauge pressure drop, to identify the leak, and to take urgent measures to deal with.

Pipeline location and direction of the surface after completion of construction should be marked in a prominent location, is strictly prohibited impact on the pipeline or nail metal nails and other sharp objects.

By manufacturers technical requirements, operating processes connected by piping hot melt, hot melt connection time, temperature, and the insertion depth should be strictly controlled.

5, PPR pipeline construction should be noted that
(A) personnel training hot melt connection requires high technology, the operator must go through professional training, in strict accordance with operational requirements.

(2) the weld interface to check if the orifice oil or sediment, can cause false melting phenomenon, a direct impact on the quality of construction, storage and cleaning of pipes and fittings must pay attention to during the installation process. Bad interface quality: Order of interfaces fusion skew, uneven heating of the Order of the interface for the mouth temperature is too high, the jack surface partially molten, etc.. PP-R pipe connector shall meet the following requirements: the pipe joints shall have a uniform hot-melt ring, not inequality of partial melting tumor or weld ring punch.

(3) pressure test per buried heating tube after pouring the pre-construction test pressure, test pressure according to the design and specifications, maintain 0.5Mpa pressure after pouring layer construction, water leakage, immediately re-install; floor construction is completed make a mark, in order to find, repair and prevent the renovation destruction.

(4) pipe interface area size lock valves, hot table is suppressed, flushing after installation, so the connection pipe segment substitution. Lock valves, hot table at both ends of the metal parts need to be used with metal inserts hot melt pipe connections, the pipe must according to the actual length of the measurement accuracy, otherwise, lead to waste.

with a metal insert and metal connection, note that the moderate force to avoid the embedded metal from the PP-R pipe extrusion. If necessary, we can use the torque wrench testing.

(6) PP-R pipe installation should pay attention to the practice of the waterproof layer.
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