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Plastic pipe fittings and the connection technology

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Pipeline interface products high performance requirements, therefore, the industry's use of advanced technology in pipe fittings and joints seals. AMI evaluation of pipe production industry in the European status quo pointed out that the annual consumption of plastics in Europe is about 3.5 million tons. This market is growing with the increase in pipe fittings in sewer, water supply, plumbing, road drainage and other areas of application. European tube industry development rapidly in recent years, "AMI consultants JonNash commented," predicted that the construction industry will face a slowdown, but the scenario of the industry is OK. "
Pipe fittings production is a very sophisticated molding process, and even extra large joints of the large rotational molding molding. AMI in December 2007 in Cologne organized a seminar, the theme is the discussion of pipe production and pipe connection technology.
Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) is increasingly being applied to the plumbing market and avoids the expensive brass losses. It can be installed faster at a lower cost. Plastic pipe in accordance with the United States Association (USPlasticPipeInstitute,) the experts CamilleRubiez said, the material wear resistance to UV exposure. PEX can reduce the use of pipe in the system, while allowing the use of a variety of pipe fittings. Surgery.
The NRGControl company has been committed in the pipe production to increase profits by lowering costs, according to FredPratt said. Energy is forming a very important factor, 66% of the energy used in processing these energy sources are mainly used in electric motors and barrel heating. Use only the motor speed control can reduce the unnecessary work; barrel temperature control can save 30-70% of heating costs.
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