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How manufacturing of PVC pipes

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          PVC pipes in the decoration of the time, and applications. But you know how much of the production process of PVC pipe? General PVC pipe in the production of the time to go through the mixing process; extrusion process; setting process; traction technology.
          The following details about each process in the process.
          a)  The mixing process PVC pipes gap, high-speed mixing, additives penetrate the PVC resin and additives dispersed in the resin, taking into account the water vapor steamed material in favor of temperature above 1000C, the temperature of the generally hot mix machine located in the100 ~ 1200C. In order to allow additives to full contact with the PVC particles, reduce the adsorption of filler additives, should start to join the PVC resin after hot mix machine, and then in the following order to feed: stabilizer, a variety of processing aids, pigments, , fillers. Are original accessories are all put into actual production and then start the hot mix machine. So down. First completed.
           b)  The extrusion process. Solid conveying zone barrel temperature control in 100 ~ 1400C, If the feed temperature is too low, solid transportation district to extend, reduce the length of the plasticizing zone and the melt conveying zone, cause plasticization bad, affect product quality. Third. Stereotyping the tube-like process to the extrusion die from head to go through the cooling, so that it harden and stereotypes. Stereotypes in general sizing sleeve outer diameter stereotypes and diameter of stereotypes in two ways. Outer diameter amorphous structure is relatively simple, easy to operate, widely used in China.
           c)  Traction process. The role of the traction device is to provide some traction and traction speed pipe to head extrusion evenly leads pipe, and adjust the pipe wall thickness by adjusting traction speed. Traction speed depends on the extrusion speed, usually 1 percent to 3 percent faster than the extrusion speed traction speed.
           PVC pipes to go through this a few steps of the process the process of production.

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