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Pipeline maintenance technology

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         Small diameter pipeline, you can dig enough space, removal of damaged pipe replaced by a new pipeline for maintenance, the maintenance of large-diameter pipe flange connection can be used to complete the first removal of the damaged pipe, and then welding machine into the ditchmelting received each end of the pipeline within the support ring, and then replace the pipe flange connection, flange connection of the length must be calculated in advance for the spacing between the pipe size.
         In addition, you can use the jacket-type repair fixture with a complete ring to repair, but the patch with flange or weld repair does not belong to the permanent repair. The repair of this type are generally applicable to buried applications, because of the compacted soil will limit pipeline thermal expansion movement and the internal pressure caused by tension in general repair folder from the longer the thermoplastic pipe sealing the better, it is recommended the minimum fixture length of the outer diameter of 1.25-2 times the nominal pipe when the pipe is to wipe clean, remove all foreign matter, the fixture should be uniform clamping. Fixture installed, should be completed prior to the water pressure in the through the backfill compaction.
         Destruction in the piping system fittings commonly used way to put a new pipe flange connection is not recommended to use hot air or extrusion welding to repair.
         Underwater pipeline system in order to complete the repair of underwater pipelines, the end of the pipe must be carried to the surface of the water above, and then welding a flange support ring, and then pipe back into the bottom position and in the underwater screw tightened.
         In addition, in certain places, can be used to repair pipe heat shrinkable sleeve or fused to repair a tube puncture or leak, many types of shrink sleeve, the sleeve the inside coated with a special sealant, when heated into the puncture or joints, sealants rely on mechanical force to prevent a larger spill occurred.
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