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The plumber technology safe operation

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The choice of water mains, there are many, such as PPR pipes, brass, copper, plastic pipe, aluminum pipe, PVC pipe, iron pipe, and so on. In fact, from a variety of factors to consider, the PPR pipes are ideal. Reason is very simple, first of all it is very reliable and good quality of PPR pipes, can be comparable and brass; there is the price easier to accept, much lower than copper; important thing is health, there is no rust and patina.

The pipes must be 6 points. The key is the thickness of the wall is different, it is recommended that all home with hot water tube row, the wall is relatively thick, better quality, and the price did not much expensive. Before the laying of water pipes, and workers to fully communicate, do not give workers any opportunity, so deliberate prolongation of the pipes caused by the dispute. But here is important to emphasize that, once you find the water pipes had been unduly extended, no matter under what circumstances must be workers to correct. Because it is not a simple money overcharged pipes, but will affect the results, especially the effect of the use of hot water. The long hot water pipe, hot water will reach the design requirements, to the time change is in trouble.

The pipes recommendations along the wall top to go, to modify, ceiling, etc. Do not laid down on the floor, once the leak you will regret. So, line up the pipes after the water pressure test is also very important. Test, we must be present, and the test time of at least 30 minutes, conditions permitting, the best one hour. 10 kg pressure, the last before the test by any reduction.

Another point is the most negligent, plumbing needs to be fixed. Do not because the water pipes installed in the ceiling, an invisible, the second did not fall on I thought I could do not need fixed. In fact, the fixed important reason is because to minimize the sound of water. Construction specifications, which are all renovated, we must pay attention to ah. Water pipes and gas pipes and minimize the use of the connector. Some workers to Shengliao, other sites with the remaining gas pipe up to you use. You must be resolutely resisted. Straight pipe must be a complete one, try to reduce risks. Must be the place of the connector, such as the elbow must be used to the thick white paint, do not use the raw material with Remember, the thick white paint. After the installation of gas pipes, acceptance, you can ask workers outside of the connector part and then coated with a thick layer of white paint, and foolproof!
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