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Process and installation of UPVC pipes

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UPVC pipes to PVC resin as the carrier, in the weakening of the gravitational force between the resin molecular chain has a temperature accuracy, timing melting, rapid absorption of the active ingredients of the additives and other fine features, the same time, the world famous Ca - Zn composite heat stabilizer,can be captured in the resin subjected to high temperatures and melting process, inhibit absorption of the prolapse and hydrogen chloride, polyolefin structure of the double bond reaction, lively and instability in the replacement of molecular chlorine atoms. Thus the effective scientific control of catalytic degradation of resin in the molten state, and oxidative decomposition.
Because of its non-conductive, and thus is not easy with acid.Base. Salt electrochemical reaction, so the acid.Base. Salt corrosion difficult it upvc other tube with a light weight. The advantages of easy transportation. upvc pipe accounted for around 1.4 (the cast iron pipe specific gravity of 7.4 or so), the fifth of the weight of cast iron pipe, upvc pipe than the cast iron pipe can save on shipping costs 1/10-1/5, its handling. Loading and unloading of construction is very convenient. Often the water supply pipeline construction environment is difficult, muddy construction site, and can reduce labor intensity. Shorten the construction period it is the best thing. Upvc pipe will be able to achieve this ideal. upvc pipe light weight, during the installation manual you can move, generally without the use of machinery. For example, a DN200 upvc pipe length 6m weight about 55Kg, cast iron pipe of the same diameter, the length of the weight is 304Kg upvc pipe one person to carry on the installation, the required three of the cast iron pipe or machinery in order to drop tube, so greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers and save hours of work and construction costs.

UPVC pipes manufacturing process:

①The boiler room, steam washing machine room drain pipe can be used cast iron pipe not only solve the high temperature to overcome the shortcomings of upvc pipe pressure.

②The riser maximum bottom Elbow noise, can be competent at the bottom of the pipe buttress, and flexible materials (polystyrene foam board, etc.) wrapped up the elbow, so that the flow in the riser into effect and can reach the consumer The purpose of the sound.

③ According to the specification requirements of the expansion joint should be added three links below in the drain pipe interface better. However, due to the expansion joint special structural forms such as accessories material waste, with a hoop or inspection openings installed not only convenient but also easy to check left expansion joints expansion joints in the construction, may also reduce some of the accessories added here will result in savings materials. Must be set aside in the construction of expansion joints 10 ~ 15mm, otherwise it is impossible to play a role in stretching, but the increase in leaking the opportunity to live on the rubber ring.

④ UPVC pipe and cast iron pipe with socket connection, UPVC drainage pipe outer wall to fight hair, then playing the mouth of asbestos-cement, curing can be. Connection with the same diameter specifications galvanized steel pipe (commonly used roof rainwater drainage horizontal tube), because of its outside diameter to undertake difficult, the approach taken in practice is galvanized welded steel pipe a little pumping heart Reducing 150mm by welding upvc three links, corrosion directly into the pipe for the mouth, mouth to play with asbestos cement conservation, strengthening both ends of the hanger. This method does not affect its drainage function, able to save installation space and simplify the construction process is a simple and feasible connection method.

⑤ Master roof extension roof ventilation riser length 2m, only by virtue of its wear plate at fixed. Southern typhoon weather, the riser Akira and unstable. Tried in practice outside of the riser package layer thickness of 2mm galvanized iron sheet, fill in the flexible material (such as asbestos cement, flax, etc.) between the metal and upvc pipe outer wall, the metal bottom of the angle and floor connections. This method not only fixed riser, but also more beautiful.

⑥ upvc pipe construction specification requirements of the wall to fight hair, construction workers did not pay attention to, and so to operate, affect the bonding effect. This should be done in the actual supervision of the construction explained in detail in writing Jiaodi information "before bonding sandpaper hair" to the requirements, oversee the implementation, to ensure that the adhesive effect.

⑦ water bucket lid and bucket flange between the addition of a rubber gasket seal ring waterproof, waterproof layer to prevent the floor do not penetrate the waterproof insulation, rain and the water bucket plug (most of expanded perlite, absorbent performance, and not dry), cause seepage accident.

⑧ pipeline wear plate holes at the tube outer wall should be playing the hair roughened concrete more tightly, to waterproof purpose.
Can also be an additional rubber seal ring waterproof.

⑨The construction process should be timely according to specifications to do the pipe support and hanger to prevent pipeline rupture.

The may require all levels of competent segment of the irrigation experiment, the riser to make to pass the water test (a slight increase in regulatory requirements), can find the seepage point, to ensure the overall quality of construction to prevent leakage to the lower part of the decorative ceiling materials caused economic losses .

UPVC pipes used:

upvc pipes There are three main connection type, rubber interface (RR), bonding (TS) and the flange connection. Leakage after construction can be used to change pipe, sets complement bonding method, the glass fiber method, welding and other methods of repair.

1.Can be used on large parts of the upvc pipe need to replace the whole pipe, dual-socket connector replacement of pipes.

2.Treatment of leakage in the solvent bonding, the solvent can be used. First row to dry the water pipe, and tube formation of negative pressure, then the bonding agent injection in the leakage area of the pore. Due to the negative pressure within the tube, adhesives are exposed to stanch the pores.

3.complement to bonding method for upvc pipe wear holes and joint leakage. Selected length of 15 ~ 20cm, the same diameter pipe, longitudinal cut open, the method of the adhesive joint surface casing and the outer surface of the fill pipe to fight hair glue after snapping in the leaks. fiber method is reinforcing agent paired with epoxy resin solution, glass fiber cloth impregnated with resin solution, even wrapped in upvc pipe or joint leakage at the surface of the glass steel after curing. The simple method of construction, technical and easy to grasp, plugging effect and low cost, the higher the value of promoting the use of anti-leakage trap.

UPVC pipes installation:

1.An adhesive use shake.

2.upvc pipe and socket parts must be clean, the socket of the gap as small as possible.

3.With emery cloth or a saw blade joints to fight hair, thin to Socket Brush the glue, brush twice a plastic jack parts into place until the glue dry after 40 ~ 60s, should pay attention to climate change, increase or decrease the glue dry time.

4.bonding is strictly prohibited water on the pipe in place should be flat on the trench, and 24h after the connector dry backfill, backfill with sand tight four weeks to fill the pipeline, leaving the joints of a large number of backfill.

5.upvc pipe and steel pipe socket Pipe link at the wipe adhesive, upvc pipe heating softened (but may not charred) socket on the pipe and cooling treatment, if conditions coupled with hoop better.

UPVC pipes applications:

1. Water piping project (including interior water supply and outdoor municipal water pipes), upvc pipe, acid, corrosion, no rust, no scaling, water conservation, to avoid water is the advantages of secondary pollution, strongly advocated the production ofenvironmentally friendly products today, as a protection of human health, the ideal "green building" China and the world widely application.

2. water-saving irrigation piping works, the use of of upvc drip irrigation irrigation system compared with the ordinary irrigation can save water 50% -70%, while savings of fertilizer and pesticide use, crop yields can be increased by 30% -80%. Water scarcity, agricultural production and irrigation methods behind this development to promote water-saving agricultural production in China has a great social benefits.

3.building piping works.

4.upvc pipe has excellent insulation capability, is also widely used as a postal and telecommunications cable ducts.

5.upvc tube acid, corrosion resistance, and many chemical plants used for the infusion piping. Also used for sinking engineering, medicine, plumbing works, mineral salt water delivery piping engineering, electrical engineering of piping.
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