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The symbolic significance of PVC pipes

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letters U-pvc-U pipe, it is the original unplasticized, meaning is not added plasticizer. PVC-U is equivalent of UPVC. Collectively referred to as rigid PVC pipe.

PVC-P pipe of symbol of the soft PVC.

PVC-M modified to improve toughness, the development of various impact resistance to cracking good while maintaining high strength modified PVC piping systems, commonly known as PVC-M or PVC-A or PVC-HI.

PVC-O pipe processing biaxially oriented, so that the molecular orientation, substantial increase in strength while improving toughness. Commonly known as PVC-O or BO-PVC.

MOPVC is the title of the molecular orientation of the PVC industry pipe.

PVC-C is a chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe. In addition, in the construction-specific - the code line laying methods of PVC, on behalf of the flame retardant plastic pipe laying.
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