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Plastic raw material of PVC UPVC CPVC PP the PPR PE of PVDF advantages, uses and differences

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Raw material Composition Nature Advantage Shortcoming Use
PVC PVC Qualities of light yellow translucent Acid and alkali resistance, insulation, and low prices Heat resistance, softening temperature of 80 ℃ Profiles, pipes, films, hard wood, sheet metal, soft products, packaging materials, siding, flooring, etc.
UPVC Rigid PVC Qualities of light yellow translucent High melt viscosity, lightweight, non-conductive, does not burn, small resistance Poor mobility, poor frost and heat capacity Pipes, etc.
CPVC PVC modified White or light yellow tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, loose particles or powder Strong acid and alkali resistance, mechanical properties, the maximum temperature of 110 ℃. High price Thermal effluent, thermal chemical agents pipeline, engineering, injection molding, etc.
PP PP Low transparency, low gloss, low rigidity Resistance to chemical solvents, acid, alkali ability Resistant to ultraviolet optical properties, anti-other poor penetration performance are bad Disposable syringes and medical equipment
PPR Copolymer PP was atactic polypropylene ethylene modification made ​​on the basis of The monomer boy repeated linking of macromolecules Strong performance of the aging Cohesion, low melting point, poor mechanical properties Hot and cold water pipe, sheet, daily necessities, packaging materials, household appliances parts
PE Structure of simple organic compounds of high molecular Granular Density, high strength, high stiffness, high hardness and heat resistance Do not wear and easy to aging Plastic bags, machinery parts, agricultural supplies, gas pipeline
PVDF PVDF Translucent or white powder or granules Resistance to chemical corrosion resistance, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, weather resistance, ray radiation resistant properties, piezoelectric, dielectric, and pyroelectric properties Hydrophilic poor Construction, automotive decoration, household appliances, such as Shell
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