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Features and Applications of PVC pipe and fittings

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PVC Features
1) PVC material is resistant of acid and alkali and corrosion and is also doesn’t rust.
2) PVC is a kind of self-extinguishing and flame-retardance material, it doesn’t spontaneously combust, also doesn’t aggravate the combustion, and can extinguish automatically.
3) Good anti-aging ability: PVC material can be ued for 30 to 50 years under the temperature condition of -15-60 ℃ .
4) Good electrical property: electricity resistance volume 1 ~ 3 X1015 Ω · cm breakdown voltage 23-28 kv/mm.
5) The inside of pvc pipe is sleek and its wall tention is small, it is difficult to scale and its fluid transmission capacity is 43.7% higher than cast iron pipe
6) The weight of PVC is lighter than cast iron pipe and it’s easy to flare so it is convenient to install and discharge, the workload of adhering and bending installation is only half of the steel pipe.
7) High mechanical strength:it is good at resistant to water pressure, outside pressure and impact strength., It is applicable to all kinds of piping project at normal temperature
8) It’s clean and doesn’t affect the water quanlity and will not change the water element.
9) Good tightness: wheather use loop junction or TS junction ways to connect, the pipe doesn’t leak water.
10) Easy to install: it is quick and easy to joint PVC pipes, so the construction cost is low.
Applications of PVC
1) can be used in civil cold water system facilities.
2) can be used in building drainage, rainwater pipes and other facilities
3) can be used in agriculture, landscape irrigation, spray irrigation project.
4) can be used in swimming pool, playing in the water recreational facilities projects.
5) can be used in pharmaceutical and chemical company with a pipeline.
6) can be used in aquaculture pipe.
7) can be used in brewing, fermentation pipe.
8) can be used in electrical, telecommunications engineering pipeline.
9) can be used in city, public green, a golf course project.
10) can be used in paper and sewage treatment works.


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